Q. What's the going real estate commission?

A. Although there isn't any fixed real estate commission, the reality is that the traditional brokers will charge as much as they can. It is common to see commissions as high as six or seven percent.

Q. How long should it take for my house to sell?

A. It will vary from property to property. Several factors influence the amount of time it takes for a home to sell; including pricing, location, condition, and your motivation. An Equity Savers representative will meet with you and discuss your needs and the individual market conditions for your property. After that, you will have a good idea of how long the process will take.

Q. Does Equity Savers help me price my home?

A. Absolutely! We provide you with a detailed Comparative Market Analysis when you first place your home on the market and at any time you wish to review your pricing. We also help you establish a pricing plan based upon your needs and motivation.

Q. What should I look for in hiring a real estate agent?

A. Productivity is everything. Most real estate agents do fewer than seven transactions a year! That is barely enough to make a living, much less maintain an exceptional level of competence. It's a good idea to look for agents that have high productivity levels. In that way, you can be sure that your interests are well represented. Interestingly enough, Equity Savers agents conduct over seven times as many transactions per year, per agent than the average agent.

Q. Am I "For Sale by Owner" with Equity Savers?

A. Not really. Equity Savers is a FULL SERVICE BROKER, so you receive the same benefits offered by more traditional brokers. However, we understand that some people are comfortable showing their home to buyers that aren't working with an agent, so we have designed our program to accommodate those people who wish to market their own homes. Although it is not a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) program, there are significant savings to the Seller who participates in the marketing of their home(click here to find out how much,) plus, the advantage of complete, professional representation.

Q. How long is the listing agreement with Equity Savers?

A. Our listing period is for six months, however, you may cancel the listing at any time or extend it for as long as you wish. We don't think forcing you to commit to a specific listing period is to anyone's advantage.

Q. Do you help me determine what I need to repair or change in my home before I put it on the market.

A. Yes. Sometimes, making repairs or rearranging a room can make a huge difference, and sometimes it may not matter. We help you with the entire process of marketing your home, so consulting you on preparing your home for sale is a vital part of what we do.

Q. Will traditional agents boycott my listing if I am with a discount broker, like Equity Savers?

A. Not usually. Understand, the Buyer is the one who ultimately selects and purchases the home. The Buyer's agent is merely responsible for helping them find the home and then providing them with representation during the purchase. It is to the benefit of the Buyer and the Buyer's agent to see as many properties as possible, so as long as you offer a competitive commission in the MLS listing.

And remember. . . If an agent doesn't show a home, the buyer may contact the Seller directly, resulting in the the agent losing a commission. No agent wants that!

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